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Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House 2023

Dulwich Open House at Kingswood Arts

Kingswood Arts, South London's new home of creativity in West Dulwich will open its doors to showcase the artwork of 15 South London artists during Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House the weekends of 13-14 MAY & 20-21 MAY 2023.

The weekends of 13-14 MAY & 20-21 MAY 2023 during Dulwich Festival Artist's Open House fifteen artists will be showing their artwork at the magnificent Kingswood Arts Seeley Dr, Kingswood Estate, London SE21 8QN, UK

Meet the artists and have a glimpse at their artwork. Explore their art following the links or visiting their instagram portfolios.

Anna Sudbina

Abstract portrait paintings

Sudbina's paintings artfully blend frayed fragments of reality with pure gestural abstraction, creating a dynamic visual language that explores the interplay between actuality and human perception, physical space and memory. With each layer, she expertly constructs tactile planes that are interrupted by calligraphic lines of ink. Through her masterful creation of surface and composition, Sudbina's artwork inventively harmonizes the language of abstraction with contemporary life, all filtered through the prism of her artistic vision.

Ana Gallego Illustrations

Illustrations and prints

After obtaining degrees in Industrial Engineering and Product Design, Ana had a career in designing innovative products and processes for the Medical Device industry. However, in 2021, she made the decision to take a break from engineering and pursue her true passion: illustration. Her current mission is to delve into the world of community architecture, researching and bringing to life the buildings that hold significance for our society. Ana's ultimate goal is to highlight the stunning architecture and local businesses that surround us, and she is fully committed to uncovering the hidden gems that often go unnoticed.

Aferdita Fazliu-Drozd

Mixed Media Paintings

Instagram: @aferdita_fazliu_drozd

Aferdita’s artwork is largely inspired by nature and things happening around her. She likes experimenting with different mediums and uses varied textures in her art. Often one will see things collected in her travels, such as twigs, shells, glass and rocks, incorporated in her art work.

Her paintings are often sculptural and three dimensional and aim to give the viewer the desire to touch and feel the texture of the waves, want to smell the flowers and walk the paths.

Since 2017 Aferdita shares her enthusiasm and love for art with children attending her art classes at “Little Painter Art Classes for Children” in her studio in Hayes.

Besnik Mehmed


Instagram: @biko_bes

Biko is an award winning photographer based in London, with over twenty years of experience. He began his journey in 1999 as a conflict photographer documenting the Kosova and later the Iraq war. In the last few years, he has deviated from conflicts. His photography has evolved into the exploration of landscapes and cityscapes, gradually progressing and morphing into more abstract conceptual work focussing more on providing an atmospheric contemporary experience through aesthetics.

Corin Ashleigh-Brown

Mosaics and linoprints

Instagram: @corinashleighb

Corin is a dynamic artist and photographer, whose love for the handmade has lead her down the creative path of printmaking and more recently mosaic fabrication.

She is currently completing a diploma in mosaic making at The London School Of Mosaics and will be showing some of her new pieces alongside her prints at this years Dulwich artists open house.

So if you have an interest in Linoprints, photopolymer prints or want to learn more about mosaics, do come say hi as Corin would love to have a chat with you about the handmade and it’s significance in our technology driven world.

Dina Diniz

Multimedia experimental art

Instagram: @mdinadiniz

Graeme Chisholm

Abstract acrylic and oil painting

Instagram: @graemechisholm

Graeme, a Scot living in Crystal Palace, has been working and exhibiting as an artist for ten years. Graeme paints in acrylic and oil developing abstract works with brush, palate knife and found objects that explore organic themes and states of mind such as serenity and acceptance.

Colour, design as well as chance are all ingredients and although he attributes specific meanings to each work, he loves how every painting means something different to each viewer perhaps revealing something of their own inner world and preoccupations.

Isobel McFarlane

Hand thrown ceramics

Jonny Kemp

Portraits, figure drawings, and sketches

For Jonny, the most powerful works of art are those that take a satirical approach towards the mundane aspects of life, causing us to question why we do things the way we do. Through his art, he aims to create a reflection of our society that is as insightful as great literature. By highlighting our idiosyncrasies, he believes that his paintings and drawings can serve as a mirror to our society, and in doing so, bring people closer together. Even if the image we see is not flattering, it should be relatable, encouraging individuals and communities to unite in their common experiences, regardless of their differences.

Louise C Galizia

Oil landscapes, portraits and still lifes

Instagram: @louisecgalizia_art

Louise is a multi-talented artist with a background in both filmmaking and fine art. Currently residing in London, she has returned to her passion for painting while taking a break from directing projects. Finding solace in the simplicity and intimacy of the medium, Louise honed her skills in portraiture, landscape, and still life at London Fine Art in Battersea, where she developed a particular focus on the Alla Prima technique.

Although she is still pursuing her film career, Louise makes time for painting whenever possible. She has showcased her artwork in various local exhibitions and shows, continuously striving to refine her craft and share her passion with others. With her unwavering dedication to both filmmaking and fine art, Louise is a true visionary who is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Maria Rado

Abstract art

Maria Rado sees Nature as the ultimate artist, providing endless inspiration through its rich color palettes and intricate textures. Her artwork centers around the exploration of color relationships, texture variation, and composition, rather than any particular subject matter.

Maria's creative process involves working on large canvases, allowing her to immerse herself in the art and search for the perfect balance and proportions. She creates artwork that evokes a particular mood or feeling, allowing the viewer to interpret and create their own stories. By leaving room for interpretation, Maria's artwork fosters a sense of connection between the art and the viewer, making her work both relatable and timeless.

Rakel Wienberg


Rakel Wienberg is a South London based fine art photographer who explores themes of disorientation, memory and emotive imagination through experimental play with camera and editing. She uses movement in her still images to distort and bend spaces and bodies. Subjects and landscapes leave behind abstract visual imprints that might evoke a memory of an emotion or sensation. Her interest circulates around the integration of emotional health and how it relates to visual themes of shadow and light as they manifest in both serene and unsettling ways.

Sally Kelly

3D collages, vibrant botanicals and illustrative prints

Sally Kelly spent many years as a senior designer at Liberty of London. During her time there, she was responsible for creating some of the brand's most beloved designs, as well as collaborating with fashion icons like Manolo Blahnik, Grayson Perry, and Kate Moss. Today Sally runs her own studio, where her unique and innovative designs are sought out by clients all over the world. Her fabric collections, in particular, have garnered a lot of attention and are highly coveted among designers and consumers alike.

Sally's impressive resume includes working with some of the most prestigious brands and organizations, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Lush Cosmetics, and even HRH The Prince of Wales' Highgrove Enterprises.

Sarah Wienberg

Sculpture, resin, and watercolour

Sarah Wienberg is a visionary artist who strives to capture the essence of personal liberation and true self-discovery through her art. Having embarked on a journey of self-discovery herself, she creates works of art that convey the profound sense of inner freedom that comes from living authentically.

Sarah's art is a testament to her own quest for personal liberation, and she hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. Through her unique artistic vision, Sarah invites her viewers to embrace their inner child and rediscover the sense of playfulness and creativity that often gets lost in the rigors of everyday life. Her art is a celebration of individuality and personal expression, and it encourages others to embrace their true selves and live life to the fullest.

Tessa Newmark

Mixed media miniature artworks

Tessa is a photographer by trade, and began her career as an architectural photographer. During her first maternity leave she needed to find a new creative outlet. Having worked closely with architects she'd become familiar with these little figures and couldn’t help but feel they were wasted in architectural models, and so alittleperspective was born. The scenes are created using her photographs and 1:87 figures. Tessa loves creating comical scenes, and enjoys overhearing the conversations they begin whilst people view her work.

Fifteen talented and passionate artists are thrilled to be a part of the exciting and ambitious journey that is Kingswood Arts. This project is dedicated to cultivating and fostering artistic talent while also serving as a vital community asset, providing a platform for creativity and enriching the lives of all who engage with it.

We invite you to discover our art world, chat with the artists and see the stunning interiors of Kinswood Arts.


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