artwork. unique wall art and canvas original art

Maria Rado creates abstract landscapes, dynamic floral compositions and trademark fern paintings. Occasional whimsical story telling artwork pops up. All wall art is original unless described as a limited edition print. The studio accepts commissions. Maria Rado Art Studio currently ships to UK mainland.

Please keep in mind that this page is not always updated with the latest artwork. We created the gallery to give you an idea of the type of art and quality that Maria Rado Art Studio offers. Contact us if you want to see more photos of a specific piece of art. To see the most recent artwork, follow us on Instagram or FacebookFor Open Studio dates and other art shows please subscribe or visit events section.

Ferns abstract artwork, fresh, harmonious colors, blues and greens with gold. Original wall art UK
Buttermere abstract landscape, muted colours, blues and greens with gold. Large original wall art UK
ENDLESS LAYERS Original Art, abstract landscape painting in muted red, pinks and gold palette.
FERNS II Nature inspired, unique wall art of beautifully curved ferns in green, medium size artwork.
FERN FIELDS Signature large wall art of ferns in fresh green and purples. Abstract artwork.
DIGGING FOR GOLD Artwork in turquoise, blue, warm whites and gold. Layers of colours and textures.
LUSH LAYERS Abstract artwork in fresh colours evoking nature beauty and balance. Art for home.
DIGGING FOR GOLD II Large wall art. Water blue, gold and whites bring a tropical midday to you.
THROUGH THE MIST I Large artwork of a female nude with emphasis on femininity in muted warm colours.
THROUGH THE MIST II In muted warm colours, square large canvas, female aesthetics nude painting.
THROUGH THE MIST III female nude painting, bare shoulders and elegantly curved neck, large artwork.
GARDEN DELIGHT extra large canvas, floral ,abstract and decorative original art in spring colours.
WANDERING  abstract and decorative, midsize original painting. Woods, understated contemporary art.
FERNS  in greens, abstract and decorative wall art, midsize original art. Depicting ferns, horizon.
HILLS. Semi abstract art in fresh green colours. Bringing nature in spring to the viewer.
TEQUILA SUNRISE decorative flower painting, vibrant colours, fresh mood, square original art UK
CURAÇAO flower decorative painting in blue colour palette. Square unique art canvas.
DAIQUIRI flower painting in reds, warm colours and fresh mood, decorative wall art UK.
MOJITO floral art, decorative painting of flower in green, midsize  square art canvas UK
PROMISING BREASTS PLANT watercolour art on paper, floral art of imaginary plant, small artwork UK
OCTOPUSA PLANT small artwork, imaginary plant, hybrid octopus and plant, botanical artwork UK
EYELASHES TREE watercolour artwork of botanical imaginary plant, unique small wall art UK
CURIOUS EYES PLANT imaginary plant, watercolour on paper, small botanical fantasy wall art UK
FRESH LIPS PLANT small size artwork, botanical imaginary illustration, hybrid lips and plant
THORNY NOSES PLANT Imagine if we cam cultivate body parts. Small original watercolour artwork UK
LAZY RED HANDS PLANT what if we could grow body parts? small, framed original artwork.
Infanta of the Forest
Just a Puffer Fish / sold
Wish Upon a Star / sold
Bondage / sold
AWAKENINKG Figurative artwork pondering over the topic of too much social interactions.
MORELLO Figurative original art of a nude female with morello blossoms. decorative and fresh.
BEATLE PIG Fantastical beast, whimsical hybrid of few animals in bright colour palette.