Let me introduce myself. My name is Maria Rado.

Since 2019 I’ve had the joy and privilege to paint full time as an independent artist after 25 years working in the advertising and publishing industry. I draw inspiration from nature - for me it is the ultimate artist with all its colour and texture displays. The other subject that interests me is human nature. All those complicated, almost unseen emotions and thoughts that leave a trace on our faces or influence our posture and the ways we move. I have illustrated or designed more than 15 books including children’s books, poetry, novels and I worked 5 years in the press. I like that diversity in subject and style and try to be versatile in my new work as an independent artist.

I was born in Bulgaria where I earned my MA in Fine Arts at the National Academy of Arts. I’ve also lived and worked in USA, Canada, Seychelles and Thailand. I came to UK in 2018.

I am a resident artist at Beckenham Place Mansion studios in South London where my art can be seen and purchased at regular open studios.

Have a browse and see what I am doing. I will be very happy to have a chat, so contact me if you are interested.


Maria Rado