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Maria Rado’s art draws inspiration from Nature - the ultimate artist with all its colour and texture displays. Latest artwork explores colour relations, texture variety and composition rather than subject. Her intention is to create art that brings mood and a feeling allowing space for the viewer to create their own story.

'Green Thoughts' is a collection of semi-abstract paintings that delves into our desire and longing for green and nature. The paintings don't look into the subjects in great detail, but rather convey the feeling of being in nature and bring calm to the viewer.

'Secret Garden' artworks are dynamic and colourful, energetic and vibrant. They are visual floral explosions meant to put a smile on the viewer's face. The unique art work from this group is more particular in depicting objects, so one could almost call it representative art.

'Ferns' are Maria Rado's signature paintings. She creates semi-abstract art pieces focusing on the enchanting, elegant curves of ferns. Contemporary art pieces bringing together aesthetics and intimate connection with nature.

'Layers' original art experiments with the concept of transporting the viewer to a particular place with minimal references to objects. The mood and feel of a place are evoked by colour and texture, with a little hint of reality.

'Water' contemporary art collection is almost monochrome, using blues, white, gold and sometimes texture. The focus is on energy and movement. Abstract art with powerful brush strokes. The topic is one of Maria's favourites since she's a scuba diver and an avid underwater photographer.

Maria also paints and draws whimsical, more illustrative art pieces, a passion of hers and her profession as an illustrator. She has more than 15 books published with her illustrations and continues to do one a year.

In addition to her original art Limited edition high quality prints are available too. You can get a taste by browsing her art gallery

Maria was born in Bulgaria where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at the National Academy of Arts. She started working as an illustrator in a daily newspaper during her studies and for quarter of a century worked as a creative in the advertising and publishing industries on 3 continents. In 2018 she settled in UK and since 2019 she is painting full time as an independent artist in UK. Maria is exhibiting her art at shows in London and her art had found home in private collections in UK, Europe and Americas.

Maria Rado Art Studio isn't just another artist studio. it is a friendly art hub, working studio accepting commissions and Art shop during Open Studio Days. Visits by appointment are very welcome in addition to Open Days. The Art Studio is located in a beautiful 250 years old Georgian mansion in the middle of a huge, breath taking park in South London. Oh, and the room itself is Instagram worthy with its vaulted ceiling and old fireplace. The studio is located on the lower ground floor at Beckenham Place Mansion. Address is The Mansion, Place Park, Beckenham BR3 1SY, UK map
The Studio opens its doors to the public regularly, usually once per month showcasing original art, limited edition prints and unique wall art from two contemporary UK artists- a guest and Maria Rado. Guest artists are carefully curated and bring high quality, variety and interest to the events. Open Days are free, walk in events and are increasingly popular since the first one in 2021. Visitors can have a chat with the exhibiting artists, view and buy original art or commission an artwork directly from the artists. The Open Studio dates tie in with events in the Mansion and Beckenham Place Park like markets and fairs so it makes a great day out for families and friends. Dates are announced on this website in the events section and you can subscribe to get the dates in your inbox.

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