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Crystal Palace Artists' Open House 2022

What is an Artists’ Open house?

Artists' Open House celebrates art and brings together artists and art enthusiasts. Essentially, it is a festive extravaganza of varied arts and crafts that are offered by the creators to the local audience sans middle man - gallery or shop. Artists open their homes and studios inviting you peek in their work and life in a more intimate setting than a gallery. Also local businesses let artists display their work inside their spaces.

The community comes together to display the skill and spirit of the area through Crystal Palace Artists' Open Houses. The event is fun, surprising, full of discoveries and unexpected art finds.

Is the art any good?

I admit, I asked this question myself 3 years ago when I discovered Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House. As an artist I am careful where I show and as an art lover I am picky about art shows I visit. Time is gold, isn’t it? And here I am, thrilled that the event has returned after 2 years of ‘you know what’. I'll present you a handful of the 50+ artists participating in this year's Open House rather than attempting to persuade you with words that the Crystal Palace Artists' Open House is worthwhile of your time. You are really fortunate if you live in South London, where you may view the works of so many outstanding artists, interact with them, and visit their studios and homes.

Anna Jacobs

Anna is an artist and a homeware designer. She is the UK's 2022 Most Innovative Homeware Designer. Her apartment is a piece of art itself. It is a very inspiring place showing that is possible to transform a rental into a beautiful, very personalised space - something that we all want to do, don’t we? Alongside Anna’s original paintings and delicious homeware you can see the artwork of 3 special artists at the same venue his year - Mahtab and Monsef Karami, two incredibly gifted Kurdish Iranian artists who fled Iran due to persecution and are now seeking asylum in the UK and Daria Hlazatova, a phenomenal Ukrainian artist who is in the UK as part of the 'Homes for Ukraine' program after being forced to leave Ukraine due to the war.

Top Flat, 197 Church Rd, London, SE19 2PS

17/18 + 24/25 September

11am - 6pm

Curtis Holder

Curtis was named Sky Arts Portrait Artist in 2020 and is the 2022 Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize winner. On the first weekend of Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House- September 17/18th, 11-6pm, he will welcome visitors to his working studio. This is an exceptional opportunity to see his artwork and speak with him in his environment, as his work has primarily hung in large galleries in recent years. His art is distinct and easily identifiable, with layers, delicate exploration, and subtlety. Personally, I am a big fan of what he does and highly recommend paying him a visit.

7 The Dell SE19 2QA

ONLY FIRST WEEKEND 17/18th Sept 11-6pm

Mr Cenz

Mr. Cenz is a well-known British street and graffiti artist. If you've ever looked at a colourful mural in Crystal Palace, you're already a fan of Mr Cenze. His powerful images of strong, vibrant women are a South London trademark. Do you ever wonder what a street artist does in his studio when he isn't painting a wall outside? Now is your chance to learn more about him and see some of his smaller works and giclée prints. His studio is in the heart of Crystal Palace, next to a wall painted with one of his powerful portraits, on the triangle, around the back of the Roti Brothers' burger van.

1 Victory Place Westow Place SE19 3RW


Artists at Just Giclee

That is, indeed, us. JUST GICLEE opens their doors to the public, showcasing four artists who have been carefully selected to provide a varied, interesting, and enjoyable show. Louise Galizia's alla prima oil paintings, which include landscapes and portraits, are on display. Natalie Keegan is showing a series of paintings titled 'Visions of Health,' which were inspired by images from meditations. David Wolverson exhibits his well-known cityscapes and landscapes of South London scenes. Maria Rado is bringing large abstract works as well as a few of her signature floral art pieces to the show.

Words & Pictures, 8 Stoney Lane, SE19 3BD


That is just a tiny taster of what you can see at this years Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House. There are 50+ artists taking part. Enjoy wandering through Victorian houses and artists studios, visiting the eclectic mix of talented artists and designers in SE19, who open their own homes and studios for you to see and buy their work. Visit Crystal Palace Artists' Open House website for more information


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