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Artists' Open Studio 5th of June 10-4pm

For last time this year Maria Rado and David Wolverson team up to show you their Art World. Maria Rado Art Studio will be open to the public on 5th of June 10-4pm downstairs at Beckenham Place Mansion. Expect new artwork and summer mood! Vintage market will be in full swing as well as street food and music!

This time we decided to answer few of the question we were asked at our previous open studio giving you a bit more personal info. You can connect with Maria Rado and David Wolverson on Instagram to see their art.


DAVID - I trained at Wolverhampton Art College where I studied Calligraphy and Bookbinding & Design. After leaving college I became a Carpet Designer in the UK and than in Germany. On returning, I decided that it was a little restrictive and so I went Freelance and continued designing Carpets, but now also designed Wallcoverings, Textiles, Ceramics and Stationary. I was commissioned by companies worldwide.

MARIA - I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree at the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria where I am from. I have worked for 25 years in publishing and advertising, always hands-on, creative work including graphic design and book illustrations. My job contracts brought me to USA, Canada and few more countries. Four years ago I came to UK and decided it’s time to finally become my own master. A year later I was very lucky to find an amazing studio, soon I sold my first canvas and all became a way of life.


DAVID - Since retirement, my work has obviously changed! As a Frelance Designer I was limited by the customer’s commercial requirements and the production processes involved in getting the designs successfully to the market. Now, I can paint what I want when I want, how I want! This gives me the freedom to experiment and leave space for “the happy accident”

My designs were very, very detailed, and now I can”play” with the paintbrushes, and surfaces.

MARIA - I constantly search and experiment which leads to series of works that are often very different in style and feel. I know the risk of not having my own signature stile but I am more interested in visual explorations than being judged. Currently I am working on colour relations and subtle, non subject ways to give the viewer of my work a sense of space, place and feeling.


DAVID - I do enjoy painting Night Time Cityscapes in all their Neon glaring glory!!

But I would say that at the moment Trees are perhaps men favourite subjects. I love the texture and kinetic energy of trees and their importance in our lives in the past, the present and the future as they punctuate our landscape.

MARIA - I am actually trying to go away from any subject right now. I use lines, or the curved shapes of abstract plants to create a space, a feeling rather than depicting a person or event.


DAVID - Strangely, as I am a figurative painter, my favourite paintings are The Seagram Murals by Mark Rothko in Tate Modern.

One can sit there in that room and immerse yourself in what I feel is a total sensory experience.

MARIA - Rather difficult question. That’s because I’ve studied Art History first during the Communism in Bulgaria and in my head I was never going to see live all great artworks that I know in detail and take exams on. When it became possible to travel my friends and I stormed the European museums. The artwork that astonished me was The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch in Prado. But today, living in London and having easy access to amazing art constantly - I don’t know which artwork is my favourite. I have a different favourite literally every week and it’s s not always a museum or a gallery artwork but a piece of art I’ve seen in someones studio.

See you on 5th of June! You can find the studio on the lower ground floor of Beckenham Place Mansion. Address: Place Park, The Mansion, Beckenham BR3 1SY MAP


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