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Maria Rado Art Studio will be open to the public on 24th and 31st of July, 10 to 4pm, showing the work of Louise Galizia and Maria Rado. A free, walk in event, giving you a chance to have a peek into a working artists' studio.

Louise Galizia

Louise is a Filmmaker / Fine Artist currently based in London. Growing up in Malta, she was drawing and painting from a very young age, but it was only after meeting and learning under classically trained artist Jason Lu did she really understand the disciplines and technique of fine art. After studying under his guidance in Malta she moved to London where she dedicated most of her time to her film making. While in between directing projects she went back to her paintings, enjoying the simplicity and intimacy of it as a means of expression. She signed up to lessons at London fine art in Battersea where she developed her skills in Portraiture, landscape and still life, focusing on Alla Prima technique. She now paints whenever she can, taking part in local exhibitions and shows whilst still pursuing her film career.

Focusing on narrative, her focus is on family, friends and those places that mean the most, and she continues to work on finding her voice in the art world through her paintings.

Some of her work can be seen on her website.

Maria Rado

Maria was born in Bulgaria where she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at the National Academy of Arts. She started working as an illustrator in a daily newspaper during her studies and for quarter of a century worked as a creative in the advertising and publishing industries on 3 continents. She always painted but didn't commit to making art full time until 3 years ago. In 2018 she settled in UK and since 2019 Maria paints full time as an independent artist.

In her art Maria explore colour relations, balance of shapes and composition. Inspiration is always Nature. Her artwork is abstract or semi abstract, not focusing on a particular subject but rather creating a feeling for the viewer. If one finds a subject in her work it is usually a landscape, florals and water. You can see some of Maria’s artwork visiting the gallery page. As always new works are first shown in the studio before being uploaded, so expect new canvases.

Who is your favourite artist?

Louise: Klimt, Hammershoi, Sorolla and Monet... its too hard to choose one!

Maria: No way to name only one! If we are talking about contemporary art- I am fascinated by the work of Peter Doig.

What is the subject of your most recent work?

Louise: Landscapes, Portrait and Still life in Oil.

Maria: I am trying to avoid subjects and focus on colours, balance and composition.

What is your favourite food?

Louise: Lasagna and a Maltese delicacy called 'Mqarret'

Maria: Cherries, I think.

See you on 24th and 31st of July! You can find the studio on the lower ground floor of Beckenham Place Mansion. Address: Place Park, The Mansion, Beckenham BR3 1SY MAP


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